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How is a strategy index (AMC) initiated?

Actively Managed Certificates

Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) are dynamically structured products that allow active management of a chosen investment strategy in an index.


You as manager can launch your investment strategy quickly and easily, with the time-to-market reduced to a matter of weeks. You may wonder, how is that possible? It's because of our proven track record, since we already opened up key markets for AMCs, including Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Luxembourg.


Investors are looking for new ideas: like your investment idea on our platform. We provide you with outstanding market access and the benefit of our in-depth knowledge. You, in the meantime, can concentrate on your core competency: designing, conducting discretionary management and monitoring investment strategies.

Our Investerest platform is a place where investors and managers can engage in dialogue.

Investerest opens doors for managers and index sponsors for greater reach and visibility


For managers, Investerest is a high-level marketing and distribution platform giving access to a wide variety of Vontobel Platform Services and to the market, enabling optimal design and placement of your products.

You specifically get access to:

An investment universe

  • Stocks, bonds, FX, structured products, ETFs/funds, exchange-traded options, futures, swaps
  • Multi-asset class portfolios
  • Smart order routing
  • Best execution


  • A rebalancing tool
  • Fee management
  • Index calculation
  • Secondary market
  • management
  • Document management


  • Internet investment platform
  • Exchange listing
  • Co-labeling

Time to focus on your core competency of investment management

  • Time-to-market: Making new ideas investment-ready with efficiency, convenience and speed
  • One-stop shopping: A single source for implementation
  • "All-in costs": No setup or hidden costs; faster break even
  • Reduced administrative expense; focus on your core competencies
  • Access to new customer segments

How we assist you in implementation

  • Investment strategy tracked by an index
  • Outsourcing to Vontobel
  • Up-to-the-day reporting: Valuation. Performance. Holdings. Rebalancing.
  • Access to our distribution channels
  • Multilateral communication possible between index sponsor and investors

Investerest enables managers to define and distribute their products and strategies from A to Z

Investerest makes distributing products to managers and index sponsors such as wealth managers, family offices, asset managers and third-party banks easier than ever before. Managers from Switzerland, the EU, UK, US and Asia can distribute their strategies via Investerest. Investors can only buy products accessible in Switzerland and the EU, however.


The Investerest platform opens up broad distribution channels, bringing together an investor community. Along with the website, you get digital marketing and the benefits of branding and Vontobel’s brand positioning.


The platform services include issuing, index calculation, market making, after-sales services, collateralization and papering, among others. You as manager have access to the Vontobel electronic rebalancing tool, the Vontobel Member Markets and the Smart Order Router (SOR), for example. The platform services also include cash management, fact sheets, custody, fee management, corporate actions, exchange listing, valuation, market making, securitization, collateralization, and legal documentation services.