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About investerest

investerest offers you as an investor the new opportunity to invest in areas that correspond to your passions and to benefit from a large selection of different investment managers. Within the community, you can keep up to date with current investment issues and remain informed about the latest trends, so that you can invest in them in good time. You discover what others in your community like and what they are buying. And you can share your own thoughts and follow others, too. Ultimately, investerest enables community-based investment.


investerest addresses the increasing needs of a growing and increasingly sophisticated group of buyers and providers. The market place combines and standardizes the entire strategy and investment spectrum. investerest’s innovative concept links managers and investors on one platform. For investors, investerest forms a platform for products that correspond to their passions and are just waiting to be discovered. While managers can focus on managing strategy, investerest takes care of their marketing.


As a result, investors benefit from the skill of professional managers who apply their professional expertise to the active management of indices and make their investment strategy open to investment through Vontobel. Investors thus get access for the first time to professionally and independently managed investment strategies. At the same time, managers can benefit from the marketing activities and the extensive range and investment community of investerest by Vontobel. This interaction between the investerest stakeholders not only generates benefits of scale, but also encourages innovation.

investerest links managers and investors in pursuit of two aims

Private individuals, intermediaries, asset managers, family offices, third-party banks or institutional investors can find products in our market place in the role of an investor, while also defining investment ideas and investment strategies in the role of a manager; and they can make these open to and transparent to investors for investment via an  AMC.

Stories and updates

Our stories show you the latest trends and news items. The stories also give you an impression of whether the topic is arousing interest in the community: In fact, you not only see the number of likes but also the number of followers for each story.


3-month winner

Under 3-Month Winners, we summarize the strongest products of the last 3 months. At a single glance, you can see which products are among the frontrunners that are moving the world.


Your portfolio

The performance of your portfolio is shown here. But with investerest, you can also simulate a portfolio and get a clear picture of your potential capital expenditure.

Latest community activities

The latest community activities show you what is stimulating interest among investors. Here you can see the latest assessments, likes and comments. You can also take part in a discussion, find out more about the opinions of others, or find inspiration for your next capital expenditure.


New developments

Here we list the latest stories, news, trends and – most importantly – products. In this section, you can be right at the front of the line when the latest products appear. Do you see yourself as an avant-garde personality? With investerest, you can be one of the trailblazers of modern investment.